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2019 Master Plan Reexamination
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This year, as required by state law, the Borough is reexamining its Master Plan and making strategic updates to the Land Use Plan element.  The Borough's Master Plan - our guide to future growth and development town wide - was last adopted in 2003 and reexamined in 2010.


  • Thursday, August 8:  Planning Board presentation of Maps & Demographics
  • Week of August 12: Online Survey Launch 
  • Tuesday, September 10: Community Meeting #1
  • Sunday, September 22: Outreach Table at Arts in the Park
  • Wednesday, October 2: Community Meeting #2
  • Thursday, November 14: Presentation of Draft Master Plan at Planning Board Meeting
  • Thursday, December 12: Adoption of Master Plan at Planning Board meeting

Community Participation

Community outreach is a critical component in the reexamination process of a municipal master plan. We want to capture as much input as possible from residents, business owners, property owners and other stakeholders to guide the Borough’s vision for its future. Our goal is to make the Master Plan the community’s plan, or simply put: “your plan.”

We encourage all residents, business owners and property owners to get involved, participate and help shape the future for Highland Park!

-  Take the survey: This easy-to-use online survey will be available through the end of October for respondents to provide feedback. It only takes 15 minutes to complete!

-  Attend a Community Meeting: The Borough is holding two (2) community meetings where attendees can interact one-on-one with the Borough’s planning team and members of the Master Plan Subcommittee, not to mention fellow neighbors and stakeholders. These meetings will be held on the following dates

  • Tuesday, September 10th
  • Wednesday, October 2nd  

-  Stop by Arts in the Park Table: Members of the Master Plan Subcommittee and the Borough’s planning team will be at our favorite local street fair to answer questions and solicit input.

Master Plan Subcommittee Members

This project is being facilitated by the Master Plan Subcommittee, which consists of the following members:

  • Kim Hammond, Chair - Planning Board
  • Jenni Chapman – Main Street Highland Park
  • Rebecca Hersh - Main Street Highland Park
  • Teri Jover - Administration
  • Alan Kluger - Planning Board
  • Sean Meehan - Safe Walking & Cycling Committee
  • Steve Nolan - Planning Board
  • Jeff Perlman - Planning Board
  • Trish Sanchez - Safe Walking & Cycling Committee
  • Susie Welkovits - Council Member
  • Allan Williams - Environmental Commission, Planning Board, Sustainable Highland Park

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master Plan?
A Master Plan is a blueprint for a municipality’s future growth and development. It guides the use of land throughout the Borough and includes a statement of goals, objectives, principles and strategies.

What is a Master Plan Reexamination Report?
A reexamination report is a review, or a reassessment, of previously adopted Master Plans, amendments and local regulations.

Why is the Borough reexamining its Master Plan? 
The Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL) requires that municipal master plans be reexamined or updated at least every 10 years. Highland Park’s last Reexamination Report was adopted in 2010. The last Master Plan was adopted in 2003. This effort will build on the 2010 Reexamination Report and the 2003 Master Plan and will result in an updated Master Plan for 2020. It is timely that a Master Plan update be undertaken in order to maintain the presumption of validity associated with the Borough’s Zoning and Land Development Regulations.

More specifically, NJSA 40:55D-89 states:

“The governing body shall, at least every 10 years, provide for a general reexamination of its master plan and development regulations by the planning board, which shall prepare and adopt by resolution a report on the findings of such reexamination, a copy of which report and resolution shall be sent to the Office of Planning Advocacy and the county planning board. A notice that the report and resolution have been prepared shall be sent to any military facility commander who has registered with the municipality pursuant to section 1 of P.L.2005, c.41 (C.40:55D-12.4) and to the municipal clerk of each adjoining municipality, who may request a copy of the report and resolution on behalf of the military facility or municipality. A reexamination shall be completed at least once every 10 years from the previous reexamination.”

What is covered by the Reexamination Report?
The Reexamination Report must address the following five (5) issues:

    1. The major problems and objectives relating to land development at the time of the last reexamination report.
    2. The extent to which such problems and objectives have changed.
    3. The extent to which there have been significant changes in assumptions, policies, and objectives forming the basis of the Master Plan.
    4. The specific changes recommended for the Master Plan or regulations.
    5. The recommendations of the Planning Board concerning the incorporation of adopted redevelopment plans.

What will the Strategic Update of the Land Use Plan Element include?

The strategic update of the Land Use Plan Element will include action-oriented recommendations in the form of potential draft zoning ordinance amendments and the creation of goals and strategies for specific areas and corridors within the Borough.

When will this project be completed?
It is intended that the Master Plan will be adopted by the end of December 2019.

How can I participate?
As noted above, you can participate by completing the online survey and attending the upcoming community meetings. You can also help by spreading the word about this project by sharing on social media and telling your neighbors, friends and family!

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