Policy Development

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The Mayor and Council are tasked with developing policy solutions to address quality of life issues for Borough residents. Use the navigation below to learn about some of the problems Council is currently addressing and what resources they are tapping into in order to make informed policy decisions. 

Deer Management

After numerous complaints from residents about health concerns, driver safety, and animal welfare, Borough Council began to seek options for managing the Borough's growing deer population. Click here for a list of resources on the topic including a deer population survey conducted in December 2019 and the recording from June 2020 public forum on the topic.

Renewable Government Energy Aggregation 

On June 23, 2020, Council adopted an ordinance establishing a Renewable Government Energy Aggregation (RGEA) program. The Borough has selected Gabel Associates to serve as our energy consultant to analyze residential energy bills for cost and usage. The goals of an RGEA program are to achieve cost savings while increasing the percentage of renewable energy in every resident's electric bill.