Founded in 2006 at Charlie Brown’s, the HP Artist Collective has been the eclectic moving force in producing dozens of art shows, window art, Buck Aft for kids, benefits & events in HP & Central Jersey.

Open to new members, we meet every Sunday at 12:30 at Pino’s. Please feel free to drop by to show your work when the viral cloud lockdown lifts.

Presently, we have raised $708 for the Food Pantry with an Art Mask Competition Benefit ($10 entry fee) email your submissions by  May 22nd.  There will be  $100 reward for First Prize.

There is a Group Show at the Library, that can be seen remotely every Thursday at 5pm. at

Hope you enjoy these diverse offerings on the Virtual Gallery & send us something of your own.

Home Recital

Bill Giacalone

Bill Giacalone