Snow Removal

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When snow is in the forecast, the Public Works Department has some useful suggestions to assist in our snow removal efforts. These suggestions are designed to make the streets as safe as possible for residents following a snow event. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and we look forward to providing the best possible service this winter.

  • If you live on a street designated "No Parking When Road is Snow Covered", please make sure your vehicle is parked on the proper side of the street when snow is in the forecast
  • "No Parking When Road is Snow Covered" means you can no longer see the paved road, due to the presence of snow. Parking on these streets at this time is in violation of the Borough Ordinance.
  • The parking prohibitions remain in effect after the snow has ceased until the streets have been plowed sufficiently and to the extent that parking will not interfere with the normal flow of traffic.
  • Cars should be parked in the driveway, instead of the street, when space is available. With fewer vehicles in the street, the snow can be plowed more efficiently and safely.
  • Please remove all basketball hoops and other items from the street that may be damaged by snow plows during snow removal.
  • It is illegal to shovel or plow snow into the roadway. When clearing your sidewalk, shovel or direct your snow blower to put the snow onto the right of way or lawn area. Corner properties should clear the complete corner to the roadways. If you have a contractor or other person performing your snow removal, please advise them of the Borough's policies.
  • When clearing out the driveway apron, it is recommended that residents wait until the snowfall has stopped and the plows have cleared the street before shoveling. This way you will only have to shovel once and snow will not be pushed back into your apron.
  • Residents may return to parking their vehicles in the street once the snowfall has stopped and the snow plowing operation has been completed. As a rule of thumb, snowplowing generally continues approximately three to four hours after the end of a snowfall to allow for sufficient clearance of the roadway.