Brush, Leaves & Tree Branches

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The following items should be placed at the curb for collection on the same day as your regularly scheduled garbage collection:

  • Brush โ€“ under five foot in length, tied securely in bundles not to exceed 18 inches in diameter
  • Tree Branches โ€“ under four foot in length, tied securely in bundles not to exceed 18 inches in diameter Individual pieces over six inches in diameter will not be accepted.


The Borough provides biodegrable leaf bags which will be available for pick-up after Columbus Day, at the Department of Public Works, 444 Valentine Street from 7:00 am โ€“ 2:30 pm. Up to Twenty bags are provided per property and recorded at pick-up. If using a landscape service, please provide a signed letter allowing the landscaper to pick up bags on your behalf. Any remaining bags will be available after December 1 on a first come basis.

During November and December, leaves are collected curbside weekly, which we then pick up and deliver to a compost facility. Leaves must be placed curbside in either biodegradable paper bags or loosely in garbage cans. Leaves placed curbside in plastic bags or cardboard boxes will not be accepted.

Please place leaf bags/cans at curbside on Sunday evening. Each street will get a pick-up at least once per week. Neighborhood start points will be rotated throughout town for the season.

Do not rake or blow leaves into the street; it is considered littering, causes parking issues, and other potential hazards. It is a violation of Borough ordinance, as well as, the State of New Jersey Storm Water Management Act. The street sweeper is not designed to pick-up piles of raked leaves.

The State mandates that leaves be recycled and composted.

Lawn Debris

Lawn debris such as grass or vegetation can be placed directly in the garbage can or a plastic bag. Please do NOT use leaf bags for lawn debris. Sod, soil, dirt or any material with dirt attached to it WILL NOT be accepted.

**For residents in an area using Automated Garbage pick-up, place lawn debris directly in the toter, or place in a separate bag (not leaf bags).

Materials should be placed at the curb on your regularly scheduled garbage collection day.