The Municipal Court is a local court created by state law, whose territory is confined to the borough or community in which it is located. Practice and procedures are governed by New Jersey Court Rules. The Municipal Court judge is responsible for overseeing the administration of his or her Municipal Court.

More serious offenses, known as indictable offenses, are sent to the County Prosecutor's Office. The County Prosecutor decides whether to present the case to a Grand Jury or to return the case to the Municipal Court as a less serious offense (a downgrade).

Municipal Court Offers Virtual Court Option

To help minimize foot traffic at the courthouse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Highland Park Municipal Court will begin allowing appearances in a virtual court session using Zoom video conferencing. If an individual opts to appear in the virtual court session, they will not have to appear at the courthouse.  This option is voluntary and will be available for most court matters. Trials must be conducted at the municipal courthouse.  

If you have a case and are interested in appearing in the virtual court, please click the link below and complete the form.  We will schedule your matter in the virtual court, and you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to participate.

Notice to Attorneys - You may use this form to request a virtual court date for you and your client as well as enter your appearance.  Please enter your office information and client information below.

Highland Park Virtual Municipal Court Registration Form

For more information on Zoom, please visit  


Cases heard in the Municipal Court are divided into four general categories:

  • Violations of motor vehicle and traffic laws
  • Violations of disorderly and petty disorderly persons offenses, (criminal matters which may result in fines or jail)
  • Violations of Fish and Game Laws, Parks and Forests, Weights and Measures, SPCA, and Boating Regulations
  • Violations of municipal ordinances (local laws)