The Housing Division in the Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing the Borough's Property Maintenance and Housing Codes. Under this code all residential rental properties must be registered with the Housing Division and inspected prior to any change in tenancy. All residential units that are to be sold must be inspected prior to the sale of the property. The maintenance inspection of all properties in Highland Park is completed according to the guidelines of the International Property Maintenance Code.

Important Information

  • All rental property owners must register their buildings and provide an emergency contact. An Owner Registration Statement form is available from the Housing Division and must be on file with the Borough.
  • When a rental tenancy changes an appointment must be made for a Certificate of Leased Occupancy inspection. Please allow at least fourteen (14) days before a new tenant will occupy the space to arrange for an inspection.
  • When a home is to be sold the Housing Division must be contacted to schedule a Certificate of Continued Occupancy inspection. Please allow at least fourteen (14) days to complete the inspection.
  • All permit fees if paying by cash require the exact amount.

Vacant Properties

The Borough of Highland Park has passed an ordinance regarding vacant properties in town. All vacant properties are now required to be registered with the Borough's Code Enforcement Department.

As per Ordinance 303-15: (a) Effective August 1, 2017, the owner of any vacant or abandoned property as defined herein shall register with the Borough of Highland Park pursuant to 303-12 of this ordinance.

Property Maintenance

Highland Park prides itself on maintaining a safe and welcoming community for residents and visitors. We appreciate the cooperation of our residents in managing their property to ensure the charm and aesthetics of our town.

Including, but not limited to, lawn maintenance, bush/tree trimming and general exterior appearances.

Visit the Municipal Code for more information on housing and property maintenance.