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Bulk Trash Collection
Acceptable Items

The following items are examples of acceptable bulk waste and are not collected with the regular garbage collection:
  • Furniture – sofas, chairs, tables, clothing dressers, bookshelves, mattresses, and box springs.
  • Fixtures – toilets, tanks, tubs, sink basins
  • Carpet – rolls under four feet in length, tied securely in bundles not to exceed 18 inches in diameter
  • Home Improvement Materials – small amounts of material from self improvement projects onlyContractor generated material will not be accepted. Material will be accepted with the following limits:
    • Four small bundles of wood, under four feet in length, tied securely in bundles not to exceed 18 inches in diameter, nails removed
    • Two doors
    • Five window frames, with glass removed
    • Bundles of sheet rock or paneling, securely bound or one container of broken sheet rock, with a 50 lb weight limit for bundle or container

Unacceptable Items

We do not collect / accept at any time the following:
  • Dirt
  • Concrete
  • Roofing materials
  • Hazardous materials
  • Automotive parts or scraps
Bulk Waste Collection Schedule

Bulk waste will be collected the following dates in 2018:

    Business District - April 4; June 6; August 1; and December 5

    North Side - April 4; June 6; August 1; and December 5

    Triangle - April 4; June 6; August 1; and December 5

    South Side - April 11; June 13; August 8; and December 12

    **An additional collection will be announced for September or October, once the date for the Borough Garage Sale weekend is announced

    Materials may be placed at the curbside no sooner than one hour before sundown of the day prior to scheduled pickup.  No appointment is required. Materials not properly secured/bundled and unacceptable items will not be collected

    Recycling Reusable Items

    Instead of recycling expensive Bulk Pick-up, civicminded donors are providing goods to individuals, organizations and businesses and diverting trash to reuse, thereby cutting municipal expenses and extending the life of local landfills. If you have Reuseable Items to donate, please check the Middlesex County Reuse-It book; a guide to area locations where Middlesex County residents can donate their unwanted goods for reuse:"

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