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An update on search for new H.P. P.D. leadership

This process is the most intense promotion process in which the police department has ever been involved. It consists of the Oral Questions provided by the State Association of Police Chiefs (completed), a series of essay questions provided by the Chiefs’ Association with input from me and the Public Safety Committee (completed), and in depth interviews held by myself and the members of the Public Safety Committee, including questions provided by residents at the Equity Commission’s Open Public Meeting, an initial list of over 100 culled down to 10. While this process is going on I, Public Safety Committee Members and the Chair of the new Equity Commission will be involved in interviewing consultants for the Mentor position.

Upon selection of the New Acting Chief and Acting Captain we will hold an open public meeting to introduce the new management of our police department PLUS the Mentor to the public. The public will be invited to ask any questions they may have and/or communicate directly with the new Chief about issues that they feel must be addressed. It is my intention to continue these open meetings with our police team on a regular basis.

Look, we live in very trying times, not the least of which is policing throughout this nation and the hope that at least in our backyards we can have a say. And, I want you to understand that we have heard your say. I am doing my best to incorporate your voice in this process within a legal framework. I want you to know, that I do believe that this generation of officers coming up for this promotion are not encumbered by the ways of the past. And, I do believe, that we will be able to promote an Acting Chief and Acting Captain, but we will guide them and monitor their progress with the help of our consultant Mentor.

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