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Summer Crime Prevention and Safety Tips
Summer Crime Prevention and Safety Tips

Highland Park Police Department

Summer Crime Prevention and Safety Tips


Home Security:

  • The most important and easiest safety precaution you can take is to lock your doors and windows.
  • Contact the Highland Park Police Department and ask that your home be placed on a “House Check” list for extra patrol. 
  • Temporarily stop your newspaper and mail delivery while you are gone.
  • Use timers with staggered on/off times for indoor lighting so would-be burglars think the home is occupied and consider installing outdoor lighting with motion sensors.
  • Do not leave descriptive answering machine or voicemail messages that alert the caller you are out of town.
  • If possible, leave a car in the driveway.
  • Keep your landscape up-to-date, including grass, shrubbery, leaves and tree limbs.  An unkempt yard is a sure sign that homeowners are out of town.
  • Ask a neighbor to check the house periodically to make sure everything is safe and consider leaving a key with them in case of an emergency.
  • Have a neighbor collect your mail and any deliveries.
  • Tell a neighbor how to reach you and how long you will be gone.  They can report suspicious activity to the police.
  • If you return home and find evidence of a break-in, do not enter and do not touch anything.  If you encounter a burglar, do not confront him/her; just let them leave.  Get a good description and call the police.

Home Repair Scams:

  • Be suspicious of persons soliciting door-to-door.  The suspects may offer to do the job for a very low price.  But once complete, they submit a bill that is much higher.
  • Another commonly used scam is when someone approaches and distracts the homeowner with various ruses such as pretending to be sick, asking for water, directions, etc.  While the homeowner is distracted, an unseen accomplice enters the home and steals valuables, such as jewelry, silver, and cash.
  • These criminals may also pose as a legitimate technician from a utility company as well as repair workers in an effort to gain access into your house.
  • Check with the utility company by phone if an employee wants to enter your home or wants you to come outside with them.  If you do not see any identification, ask for it.
  • Always lock your doors when doing yard work, getting mail or anytime you go outside.
  • Never allow strangers to enter your home.
  • Beware of unsolicited home repair people.  If you need home services, check with the Borough’s Building Department or the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are legitimate.
  • Pay by check so you can stop payment if dissatisfied. 
  • Write down the license plate number of any suspicious vehicles they may be driving and get a good physical description of anyone who comes to your door.
  • All solicitors must register with the Borough Clerk’s office where they are issued a license to go door to door. If in doubt, ask to see that license and if one cannot be presented, contact the Police immediately.


Bicycle Security:

  • More bikes are stolen from homes than from any other location.
  • Lock your bicycle to a stationary object with a hardened steel U-shaped lock.
  • Maintain the model number and serial number of your bicycle.

Traffic Safety:

  • This time of year also brings the return of ice cream and frozen ice trucks. New Jersey state law requires the operators of these trucks to activate their side mounted “stop” signs.  These signs are there to remind you, the driver, of children and other pedestrians nearby.  The signs must be obeyed just like the school bus type.  We have all seen children run toward these refreshment trucks with wild abandon, so please be extra careful around them.  There are state motor vehicle statutes with heavy fines and points for violating these laws so please be extra careful so no one gets injured. 
  • The best thing to remember is to drive with caution and be alert for joggers, bicyclists, and children at play.  Let’s have a safe summer driving experience!


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