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Why Does the Water Utility Flush Hydrants and Water Lines?
Hydrant flushing is essential to good water distribution system preventive maintenance. Flushing helps enhance water quality by removing minerals and sediment that naturally accumulate in water mains over time. The process also helps maintain proper chlorine concentration within the piping network. Flushing keeps water moving in the water distribution system so that water does not stagnate in the pipe. Fire hydrants are flushed on a routine schedule throughout the year to help ensure that they are in proper working order and to test fire flows, water pressures and flow rates. Sometimes, residents may misinterpret the flushing process as a waste of good clean water, but in reality, it is an essential preventive maintenance activity that helps maintain the integrity of the water system.

Occasionally, hydrant flushing may result in a temporary discoloration of water. These conditions are not harmful and are usually short term. During flushing operations, residents are encouraged to avoid using washing machines, dishwashers or other water using devices. If any discoloration is noted, briefly running the cold water tap for a few minutes typically helps to clear discolored water.

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